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First time PC board design success (LED cabinet / closet lighting)

Though I’ve designed a PC board for my own production using a toner-transfer etching resist and no holes drilled, I haven’t actually designed a board before for actual commercial production. It’s rather tedious getting everything right the first time, but I managed to make it work. I was recently playing around with some of the […]

Fastest way to check for an empty hash in Perl?

Recently motivated out of curiosity, I and a coworker were benchmarking different approaches to determining if a hash is empty in Perl. Expanding on this a little I present these curious results. In summary, it seems that there are roughly two code paths we’re hitting here. One for if (scalar %hash) and if (%hash), and […]

No obvious advantage to buying things from versus other online retailers

I bought a window air conditioner from, primarly because if I was told I could return it in a local store. Last Friday (May 11) it arrived, and it was the right tracking number, but it was actually a microwave oven. Was busy with the new house last weekend and with our cat’s health […]

Now with IPv6

Moved my web stuff around, now this has IPv6.

I’m still here

I’ve become disillusioned with the constant churn of websites-controlled-by-other-entities which I’m somehow compelled to participate in. They’ve developed a very effective value proposition for introverts like me who are otherwise likely to lose contact with friends over time, but I really tire of it being a constant cycle of replacing one proprietary system with another. […]