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BLT Salad

This is a rather low-carb meal, and depending on how bad pork fat really is (and depending on whether or not you are using bacon cured with nitrates/nitrites), possibly rather healthy.

This is for a single portion.

Ingredients: salad greens, tomatos, ground pepper, balsamic vinegar, bacon. (Optional: raw almonds, avocado.)

Cut two big strips (or three smaller strips) of bacon into pieces no larger than 1-2 cm^2. Lay them flat in a frying pan and apply low to moderate heat so that you get nicely cooked bits of bacon and plenty of grease.

While that’s cooking, fill a fairly big (but still single-serving) bowl about two-thirds with salad greens. Cut up tomatos in bite-sized pieces to put a nice layer of tomato on top. Grind some pepper onto this. If you’re adding avocado, add pieces of a small avocado at the same time.

When the bacon is done cooking, cut off the heat, optionally stir in some raw almonds — just enough to cook them slightly, coat them with grease, and cool the grease down a little. Spoon it all (including the bacon fat!) onto the greens, tomatos, etc. Sprinkle on a tablespoon or two of balsamic vinegar. Stir it around a bit. Enjoy immediately while it’s still in that warm, slightly wilted but very enjoyable texture!

If you really don’t like greasy food, you may want to reduce the quantity of bacon fat that you add to the salad by half, but be warned that it may not be filling enough to be a complete meal on its own then.