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Dependence on the “cloud”

I’ve been thinking a lot about “cloud” services I’m at least partially dependent on. And they fall into three general categories: Services I use to make my own personal computing easier (Evernote, Dropbox, Newsblur, Google calendar). Services I use to share things publicly or with a set of contacts (Flickr) Services I use generally for […]

Haskell and Erlang, part 1

I’ve been rather quiet here lately. For the most part, I’ve been just too busy, and in what free time I’ve had, I’ve preferred to spend it learning programming languages and related stuff. I spent a few days playing with Haskell. I should write some more about what I found interesting about a strongly-typed pure […]

Yahoo! Pipes

I finally got around to trying Yahoo! Pipes. What this is, primarily, is a visual programming language for operating on RSS feeds. It also handles some other data formats, but that’s the essence of it. While it seemed cool when I first heard of it, I only recently had something which made it useful to […]