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Done moving wordpress

Well, as of this morning, I’m done moving WordPress to the new host. I thought I was done last night, but I’d forgotten to properly update the apache configuration. Oops. Looks like things are working fine now.

WordPress or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the database

I’ve switched my blog over to WordPress. Quite frankly, it was a breeze. I had to some hassles with importing old posts from an RSS feed, but having so few old posts, I gave up on that and just took about 20 minutes of my time to get them into WordPress. Proper Flash video posting […]

Video Hosting with Flowplayer and S3

[Note: this is the last (i.e. most recent) of my posts imported from pyBlosxom, and it makes possibly-confusing) reference to that, not WordPress.] I’d already figured out how to get it into Flash video format. There are sufficient opensource encoders for this, such as FFmpeg, but since I have the giant box of Adobe fun […]