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Working on a third board rev…

I got the parts for my LED Lamp project from Digikey today. Once I got home from work, I decided to engage in the relatively relaxing and quick task of verifying that everything fits the pads on the board and the board layout. Most of it is okay, but a couple things are wrong: I […]

Second LED lamp board

From my comments on the flickr post: All hand-routed this time. The more I get familiar with the particular board layout, the less the autorouter impresses me. [The second image is] with jumper in place. I laid it out as to use a 1206 zero ohm resistor, but since I hadn’t ordered any, I just […]

LED lamp, PC board design, soldering stuff

I’d been working on the LED lamp design. I have the circuit design basically done, and I’ve been spending my free time in the past week learning Eagle CAD and designing the board. It’s quite a learning curve, but I’m also satisfied that this software can do what I need. Here is my first board […]

LED lamp, second try

I’d been designing a circuit to drive a string of 7 of the 1 watt Luxeon leds with constant, but variable current. I was originally going to use a constant-current driver based off of the classic LM317 voltage regulator, but in the process of testing it, I made an error in which a (not yet […]