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New theme

I’ve deployed the new theme I’ve been working on (some css and images on top of Sandbox). I am aware that it is no longer listing the atom feed (though the feed still works), and the sidebar is all mixed up. Otherwise things should be groovy.

I’m trying to determine where the sidebar widget configuration is stored (in the DB, presumably) — the configuration UI is failing to set it sanely for me.

Update: Okay, I see. Sandbox wants to display certain default sidebar items if nothing is defined for a given sidebar. I’ve worked around this by putting stuff in both sidebars (which are actually just stacked one above the other.

About [That] Blog

[Note: This post was imported from my old blog]

I wanted to finally have a public blog, and for certain reasons, I wanted something that just took a tree of text files and rendered them into a blog. I also think reStructuredText is pretty neat. At the very least, it’s less painful than writing HTML. So, I’ve installed PyBlosxom and I have it set to render everything into static HTML files (why bother with the performance and security implications of anything else?)

Also, in keeping with simplicity, there is no comment system set up on this blog. I see that there are many who think that “a blog without comments is not a blog” but, I would point them to some popular and old blogs like Boing Boing or robot wisdom. I don’t have much need for other people’s prescriptions on how to use technology. Also, comment spam is a waste of my time.

You can email me, and I plan to either periodically publish emails sent to the address listed on the bottom of the page in one big post, or perhaps I’ll update relevant posts with information as they come in. I’m not sure. I like the periodic letters-to-the-editor approach.

I will probably be writing about a lot of computer geek stuff, though it won’t be exclusively limited to that — this blog will be whatever I feel like writing a reasonable-sized post about.

I plan to turn this into some kind of nice content-seperate-from-presentation two-column layout using CSS any day now.

[Ha, and then I installed WordPress several months later.]