Macbook Air notes and bittorrent clients

I finally took a look at the two Macbook Air models at a local Apple store. While I definitely like the 11″ size over the 13″ size, it seems like the main compromises are: A 16:10 aspect ratio screen instead of 16:9. Even more squashed F-keys and the Escape key. That could possibly be annoying for vi usage. Everything else about it I could live with, only 2 USB ports, no internal (wired) ethernet interface, not a terribly fast processor, etc. Probably won’t consider getting one for several months anyway — the Lenovo Ideapad S12 is sufficient.

Also, I’m somewhat frustrated that bandwidth limits in Transmission 2.22 (on Mac) don’t seem to work anymore. Given that the alternatives are either don’t do enough or do too much (Vuze), I’m tempted to finally learn enough about Mac programming to debug the issue myself. Another item for the always-growing queue of personal programming projects. Or perhaps I’ll just switch back to rtorrent, it always did what I wanted.

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