Monthly Archives: February 2011

Kindle: ridiculous DRM

I’ve really wanted to like the Kindle, I’ve bought twenty-three books in that format from Amazon, and I’ve read them on the Kindle, the Kindle app for iPhone and the Kindle app for Mac OS X. But, it has two horrible annoyances for me.

There is a lending feature, but with the vast majority of books I’ve purchased, the flag is set so you cannot lend them to another Kindle user. Second, there’s an app you can run on Mac or Windows, but it doesn’t even let you copy and paste text out of a book. Not even limited amounts of text. What a waste of perfectly good technology.

Back to buying paper books more. (I realize I could crack the DRM and read the files in some other reader, but I’m lazy, and I’d rather just give less business to a stupid business model.)

At least I can look at all my Kindle highlights at and I can copy/paste from there, but seriously, I don’t use newer technology to get a more restrictive experience than I got with old technology.