Monthly Archives: March 2009

Been so busy.

In January, I took a new job, working at Airwave (A division of Aruba Networks) on the Airwave Management Platform (AMP). We follow extreme programming methodology fairly closely (including pair programming), and I’m really enjoying it, though it makes for intense days. (But better intense than excessively long days.) It’s really good for learning stuff quickly and not getting stuck.

The new commute sucked. An hour each way by car, hour and a half by train (total, door-to-door).

So, after looking for a couple weeks, and hurriedly packing for a couple more, we moved at the end of February to a house in Sunnyvale. More space, and I’m only 2 miles from work. I can even walk to work in about 40 to 45 minutes, slowed down somewhat by the necessity of crossing the street excessively. We’re still unpacking.