Monthly Archives: November 2008

Project Euler

I’ve been doing a lot of Project Euler problems in my spare time, as a sort of relaxation and challenge at the same time. As of this evening, I’ve completed 25 of the 217 problems available so far. I’ve written a few hundred lines of code to solve the problems using Haskell, C, C++, Java, […]

More Erlang, searching binaries

My enthusiasm is for erlang is somewhat dampened by the quality of its standard library, or at least it’s mismatch with some of the things I’ve come to expect through my use of Python, Perl, and other languages. It is somewhat bizarre to me that there is not an obvious way to make a io_device() […]

Haskell and Erlang, part 1

I’ve been rather quiet here lately. For the most part, I’ve been just too busy, and in what free time I’ve had, I’ve preferred to spend it learning programming languages and related stuff. I spent a few days playing with Haskell. I should write some more about what I found interesting about a strongly-typed pure […]