Cycling, knitting

I took Saturday off of the bike, but Sunday I went on a ride with Tien again. I rode 54.3 miles at about the same pace as last time. She rode slightly less because she was stopping to check out a loom that was for sale while I went back to the car and drove to meet her there. The weather was hot, but I was feeling good. I went through a lot of dried fruit, beef sticks (a better version than the crap at gas stations though), water and Cytomax. I’m getting more comfortable at climbing at fairly high heartrate without feeling worn out for the rest of the ride.

I’ve also resumed the knitting project I started nearly two years ago. It’s a Doctor Who scarf. Knitting it is a fairly mindless activity, but quite relaxing as well. Here’s an old photo of it:
Doctor Who Scarf progress

And, I’m reminded that I and Tien first met exactly 2.5 years ago (ignoring leap years.) I’ve been quite happy sharing my life with her.

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