Monthly Archives: July 2008

Cycling, knitting

I took Saturday off of the bike, but Sunday I went on a ride with Tien again. I rode 54.3 miles at about the same pace as last time. She rode slightly less because she was stopping to check out a loom that was for sale while I went back to the car and drove […]

More cycling training

After 70 miles of commuting by bike last week, I still wanted to get plenty of mileage in on the weekend. I wanted to get at least 37 miles in, since I did 34 the previous weekend. We basically planned to do two rides, a shorter ride and a longer ride. Because I slept relatively […]

Yahoo! Pipes

I finally got around to trying Yahoo! Pipes. What this is, primarily, is a visual programming language for operating on RSS feeds. It also handles some other data formats, but that’s the essence of it. While it seemed cool when I first heard of it, I only recently had something which made it useful to […]

New theme

I’ve deployed the new theme I’ve been working on (some css and images on top of Sandbox). I am aware that it is no longer listing the atom feed (though the feed still works), and the sidebar is all mixed up. Otherwise things should be groovy. I’m trying to determine where the sidebar widget configuration […]

Cycling, some progress.

My major preoccupation lately has been cycling and eating better/less. Last weekend I rode 34 miles in about 2:33. Three or four times a week, I bike to work, which is 10 miles in each direction. I’ve gotten that down to as low as 49 minutes (including stops) when I timed myself on Monday. That […]