Monthly Archives: May 2008

Book Notes: The One Minute Manager

I’m almost certain that the first time I heard of The One Minute Manager by Blanchard and Johnson, it was in deriding the notion that came to mind based on the book’s title. Having read it, an allegory about a particular management technique which is inspired by a fair amount of behavioral psychology, I can’t […]

Book Notes: Little Brother

While I had been only kind of lukewarm on his writing, I happened to preorder Cory Doctorow’s new novel Little Brother, so it ended up arriving on Tuesday. I’m glad I did — I finished it between an hour during lunchtime and a few hours in the evening yesterday. I’m not sure if I’ll read […]

Book Notes: Better

In Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance author Atul Gawande writes about a subject he knows well, medicine. But, while much of his writing is informed by his being a physician and has a close, personal quality to it, he has gone beyond his own immediate view of the field to really dig into some […]