Monthly Archives: May 2008

Python weekend and Flow

This weekend I’ve been playing with python a bit, using the sqlite module, remembering how to use SAX parsers, and stubbing my toes on unicode and codec issues. Not issues as in bugs, but issues with my understanding of how it works. It is pleasantly strict about encodings, by default. Nose is a nice alternative […]

A new kind of flash mob

This could be amusing: XKCD brings us Geohashing. I may have to get out my old GPS and take a drive in Tien’s Prius some Saturday in the near future. Notably, over half of the time, here, it’s going to be in the water, which I think is impractical for most people.

New Shoes: Vibram FiveFingers KSO

When I first heard of the relatively-new Vibram FiveFingers shoes in a MetaFilter comment thread, I knew I had to have a pair. I’d always liked being barefoot, I always walking around barefoot at home since sometime in my teenage years when I discovered that walking around in socks on a splintery wood floor increased […]

The hill I live on caught fire, again

This time, the fire department got here sooner and it seems to be out, though they’re looking around to make sure. Didn’t get any cool pictures this time, though I might have a good one of the hillside to post later. Last time it happened was June 1st of last year. (See also what the […]

Book Notes: Gateway

I was recently copying a lot of my pages of old Amazon wishlist items into Paperbackswap to see if the items were already available there, and if they were, to get them. I’m only part-way through the process when I found a copy of Gateway by Frederik Pohl. As far as I know, I’ve never […]