Monthly Archives: March 2008


After having some flakiness with the wifi interface in my Chumby, I finally got around to contacting customer support. After a short determination that it really was faulty, they cross-shipped me a replacement and I got it very quickly. Well, I would have, but UPS made a slight mess of things while I was out […]

Auditory games, Demor, HCI

I’ve been having a pretty quiet weekend here. I’d run out of both entertainment and the desire to be entertained, having re-read The Star Fraction and watched another disc of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. I really like the former for its “What if capitalism is unstable and socialism is impossible?” premise. It’s […]

Stack Computers, Forth, RISC, CISC, etc.

I finished reading Stack Computers. This class of processors is a bit different from the mainstream today — neither is it like the classic RISC load/store architectures (MIPS, SPARC, PPC, etc…), nor is it like the surviving (x86) or dead (VAX) CISC architectures. In a way, it’s slightly reminiscent of the high-level language architectures of […]