Monthly Archives: February 2008

LED Lamp, done

More details in a couple days…


Last night we saw the Cirque du Soleil “Kooza” show. I was really impressed. It was so fluid that I have a difficult time really analyzing it a lot, but I think what made it really impressive, to me, were three things: The light and sound work were better than anything else I’ve seen live. […]

More LED lamp software development

I’ve completed the software. I abandoned the SOIC test clip in favor of wires soldered directly to the board. The SOIC test clip loses contact with the IC if you just look at it funny. It’s very irritating. In the future, all boards will have an in-system programming (ISP) connector. I just need to finish […]

Weird DMM experience

Last night while I was hacking together an adapter from a 6 pin header to wires to a SOIC test clip, I was using my Fluke 179 in ohmmeter mode to check that I’d made the connections I wanted to make and not the ones I didn’t want to make. I’d put the probes on […]