Monthly Archives: February 2008

Furthering my Forth education

Forth [wikipedia] is a programing language that at first seems like a fairly simple language, no more high-level than C, but then as you look at some of the abstractions that arise in code produced by experienced forth programmers, you realize that you’re going to have to expand your mental model of the language to […]

Making the delete key work in screen (termcap capabilities)

I believe this is something I figured out long ago, and completely forgot since, so I had to figure it out again. I’m using a new virtualized Linux server from Slicehost, and as usual, I have some stuff running under Screen. Now, Screen is a crufty old program, but it’s immensely useful for leaving things […]

First FPGA project ideas

I decided recently that I want to really learn computer hardware design. Not just the theoretical “I know how the machine works” understanding, but actually having done it. So, the obvious thing was to get an FPGA and design stuff using it. fpga4fun was some of the inspiration for this. I ended up ordering one […]

Done moving wordpress

Well, as of this morning, I’m done moving WordPress to the new host. I thought I was done last night, but I’d forgotten to properly update the apache configuration. Oops. Looks like things are working fine now.

Touch sensor tweaking

The one thing that wasn’t quite behaving right about the LED lamp was the touch sensor. I was having trouble both with it being far too sensitive (and sensitive to interference from other devices nearby — I’d plug in my laptop to an adjacent outlet and it would sense a “touch”), but also it was […]