LED lamp, done making boards

Though I have a cold, I had to do something with my time (such is life without a TV), and I redesigned the board and etched this:
LED Lamp board, final

This is a project of firsts. Not only my first time designing PC boards, but my first time soldering surface mount devices. I put everything except the ATtiny13 on the board yesterday, and while it was slow, I did it without destroying anything in the process:
LED Lamp board

My observations on surface-mount soldering:
Use plenty of flux. The RMA stuff works okay.
Yes, you want tiny solder (I’m using stuff that’s .015″ diameter.)
Sometimes a small soldering iron tip was good, sometimes a really tiny one was better.
The only hard things were the tiny TSSOP ICs and the nearly-leadless parts (big electrolytics and the inductor).

I was very pleased that the ZXLD1350 part of things works:
LED Lamp board, testing

On the other hand, with the power transformer I had lying around, the input to the ZXLD1350 is too low, resulting in less than maximum LED current, and alarmingly high duty cycle. For the moment, I shorted one of the LEDs for testing purposes, though I’m going to order a 16 volt transformer when I also order a SOIC test clip and some parts for another project. I also need to find some smaller nylon screws and nuts to mount the LEDs to the aluminum stock I’ll be mounting them on for support and heatsinking. 4-40 or M3, I think. The 6-32 is just too big.

Today, I drilled the mounting holes in the PC board — I’d forgotten to do that first, so I had to do it VERY carefully.
(I’ll post the Eagle files and source code once I finish everything.)

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