WordPress or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the database

I’ve switched my blog over to WordPress.

Quite frankly, it was a breeze. I had to some hassles with importing old posts from an RSS feed, but having so few old posts, I gave up on that and just took about 20 minutes of my time to get them into WordPress.

Proper Flash video posting is still wanting. For now, I just put in the raw HTML, but this generates feeds with <object> tags in them, which is not technically legal, and browser-based feed readers like Bloglines will ignore it. Eventually I’ll get around to writing my own plugin for posting FLV videos. Yes, I tried practically all of the existing WordPress plugins for posting Flash video. The problems with them generally come down to either: they’re entirely oriented around posting videos hosted on well-known sites, or they’re too inflexible to have the FLV and SWF off on another host — they assume it’s all on the same host as the WordPress site.

As far as the optional bits go:

  • I’m using the Livetr Theme, because it is fairly pleasant — two column, easy on the eyes, doesn’t assume that all web browsers are obscenely wide. I’ll replace it when I create something better.
  • I’m using reCaptcha, because it’s a neat idea.
  • I’m using wp-cache, because my server is slow.

Oh, better check again that my MySQL database dump script is working.

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